Healthcare Distributors Are the Answer

Each day, millions of patients across the country walk into their local pharmacy to pick up their prescription — from complex, breakthrough treatments to routine health and wellness management. But behind this familiar routine is a remarkable process of collaboration within the healthcare supply chain. Ultimately, how do prescriptions get to the pharmacy counter when […] Read More

Member Spotlight: When Distribution Is a Family Calling

While the business of pharmaceutical distribution has changed significantly over the past eight decades, HDA members like Capital Wholesale Drug Company (Capital Drug) have continued to play an essential role in providing safe and efficient healthcare delivery to trusted pharmacists and providers. Capital Drug, an independent distribution company, was founded in 1950 by George D. […] Read More

New “We Can Do It!” Podcast Episode from National Consumers League Highlights Supply Chain Resilience

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring hospitals, providers, pharmacies and their patients got the critical medicines and healthcare supplies they needed had never been more important than before. However, the groundwork and foundation for a resilient healthcare supply chain was built and strengthened long before the SARS-CoV-2 virus first made an appearance on […] Read More

BluPax Pharma Celebrates 10 Years of Effective Relationship Building

For HDA member BluPax Pharma, an independently owned and operated distributor of generic pharmaceuticals, relationships are at the core of everything they do. This year, BluPax Pharma celebrates 10 years of strengthening partnerships with manufacturers and providers to bring value, quality and dependability to the healthcare supply chain. Celebrating a Decade of Successfully Fostering Partnerships […] Read More

A Dialogue on COVID-19 and the Future of the Healthcare Supply Chain

HDA recently sponsored and participated in the Milken Institute’s 2021 Future of Health Summit. This year’s event, held on June 22–23, brought together industry experts, public health leaders and elected officials for insightful policy discussions on a variety of issues that are shaping healthcare in our country. Read More