How we are responding to COVID-19.

Delivering Critical Medicines
No Matter the Circumstance

Pharmaceutical distributors safely and reliably deliver healthcare products and medicines, from the most common to the most complex, to patients every day. Distributors go above and beyond to make sure that pharmacy and hospital shelves are stocked, regardless of the circumstances.



Everyday Dependability

Patients across the country depend on the uninterrupted delivery of prescription medicines, and pharmaceutical distributors work around the clock to ensure these products get to where they need to be. These prescription medicines and healthcare products range from common over-the-counter medications to complex cold chain products, which require constant temperature monitoring. Regardless of the product, distributors provide the logistics expertise, inventory range and technology to empower patients to focus on their health, knowing the medicine they need will reach them without delay.

Above and Beyond

During hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters, the needs of patients escalate, and the delivery of these critical medicines can be immensely complex. Pharmaceutical distributors’ logistics expertise allows them to quickly spring into action during emergencies and rapidly deliver medical supplies and disaster aid around the clock to impacted communities, ensuring the right medical supplies are getting to the right place at the right time.

By working with supply chain partners on comprehensive emergency response plans, continuously tracking and anticipating weather disruptions, and adjusting to rapidly changing situations on the ground, distributors minimize service disruptions for patients who rely on pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care or other healthcare facilities to fill their prescriptions.

Learn more about other organizations, companies and individuals who go above and beyond to support the healthcare supply chain during emergency situations, by visiting Healthcare Ready’s Heroes of the Supply Chain initiative here.

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