Supporting Pharmacists in
Your Community

As patients’ needs become increasingly complex, pharmaceutical distributors work with manufacturers to ensure a wide range of medicines are safely, securely and reliably delivered to pharmacies and other healthcare facilities when and where they are needed. Pharmaceutical distributors serve as critical partners to pharmacists in their role as counselors, educators and advocates to patients.



Delivery of Medicines and Products

Licensed pharmacies place orders with distributors for the medicines and products they need, and distributors process and deliver the orders safely and reliably, as quickly as the next day.

Inventory Management

Distributors provide pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare providers with highly efficient, streamlined shipping and inventory technology.


Financial Credit

Pharmaceutical distributors are also critical financial partners to healthcare providers, extending lines of credit that help bridge the gap between when facilities dispense medicines to a patient and when they are later reimbursed by a patient’s health plan. Enabling inventory to be financed is a critical service that provides cash-flow relief and ensures a consistent workflow, especially for small, independent pharmacies.

Additional Services

Distributors also provide customized support to their pharmacy partners, enabling them to focus on serving patients and growing their businesses. With the support of distributors, pharmacies navigate change, optimize business performance, implement the latest technology and learn about new industry trends.

Independent Pharmacy Support

Distributors offer franchising programs, consulting and technology services, and the supply of over-the-counter drugs and general merchandise products that independent pharmacies depend on to compete and effectively serve the communities in which they operate. Estimates indicate that for every one-mile increase in the average distance patients must travel to a rural independent pharmacy, there is an additional $60 million–$120 million cost burden placed on those patients. By supporting small, independent pharmacies, distributors help increase patient access to over 100 million necessary prescriptions.

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