Ensuring Providers Have Needed Medical Supplies

Healthcare distributors manage extensive relationships with global and domestic manufacturers to provide medical and surgical supplies as well as healthcare products to hospitals, doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities.

Delivering the Medical Supplies and Equipment Providers Need Every Day

Medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) protect healthcare teams from exposure to various infectious outbreaks, including during surgeries and common medical procedures. These products can range from gowns and gloves to face masks, shoe coverings and other essential materials, like disinfectant.

In some cases, distributors have developed bespoke medical “kits” — the complete set of PPE, sanitized medical tools and other materials needed to deliver care for specific procedures.

Supporting Surgeons and Support Teams

Healthcare distributors support surgeons by providing the supplies they need for everything from everyday procedures to lifesaving interventions. These include:

  • Bandages and tapes;
  • Diagnostic procedure kits;
  • Hypodermic supplies;
  • Operating Room procedure kits, packs, and trays;
  • Orthopedics;
  • Surgical instruments; and,
  • Waste-management products.