How we are responding to COVID-19.

Responding to COVID-19

Throughout the evolving COVID-19 “coronavirus” pandemic, distributors are leveraging strong relationships at both ends of the supply chain to support healthcare providers on the frontline as well as manufacturing partners who are working to find critical treatments and produce critical product.


Responding to COVID-19

Going The Extra Mile

Distributors have taken proactive steps to ensure that pharmacies, hospitals, providers and patients have access to critically needed medicines and supplies. As HDA members use their supply networks to respond to evolving customer needs, we are working closely with manufacturers, sourcing organizations, industry partners and government agencies to anticipate changes in demand and mitigate disruptions.

Distributors have spent years building relationships across the supply chain and optimizing systems to efficiently and effectively deliver medicines to where the need to go. HDA and our members are committed to working with the federal government and states to leverage our logistics expertise and relationships more broadly in the national response effort.

Supporting Frontline Healthcare Workers

Supporting healthcare workers who are on the frontlines in the battle against coronavirus is vital to our effort to combat the public health crisis, and that begins with making sure these professionals have the medicines and supplies they need to treat patients.

Distributors are coordinating with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to gather real-time data and identify existing hot spots throughout the country where supplies are most needed. Through this collaboration, and by working directly with state officials, distributors are helping ensure that our provider partners continue receiving the products they need, while hot spot areas can be prioritized for larger quantities.

Strengthening Supply Chains

Distributors are built from the ground up to rise to the challenge during public health crises, and managing through disasters and other emergencies is a core part of our business. As the logistics experts of healthcare, distributors work with their supply chain partners  to anticipate and quickly respond to changes in demand. We direct lifesaving medicines to the frontlines, while continuing to meet the daily healthcare needs of all Americans.

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