Pharma delivers: New campaign celebrates pharma distribution companies’ role during pandemic


Pharma delivers: New campaign celebrates pharma distribution companies’ role during pandemic

Most people don’t normally think about the intricacies of the pharma supply chain, but the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly pushed the topic front and center.

Now a new ad campaign from the Healthcare Distribution Alliance celebrates the critical work of healthcare distribution companies during the pandemic, reminding people—and policymakers—that they’ve always been on hand delivering needed products.

“We help medicines get to patients, PPE get to providers and vaccines get into arms. From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, healthcare distributors have been on point. Ensuring a resilient supply chain is nothing new,” the TV ad says.

Working behind the scenes means pharmaceutical distribution companies’ contributions often go unacknowledged. The HDA decided to turn the spotlight on the work that its members did before and during the pandemic—and will continue to do after.

“Health Delivered is the theme of the campaign because in a very succinct way, it captures both the focus and the mission of HDA and our members—to ensure that people have access to the health care that they need,” Chip Davis, president and CEO of HDA, said.

While the initial goal is a general recognition of the behind-the-scenes work of pharma distribution companies, HDA also aims to send a message to healthcare policy leaders in the public sector, the government, thought leaders and other stakeholders.

For Davis, who joined HDA in March 2020 just as the pandemic ramped up, it’s about having a seat at the table.

“There are going to be so many important policy-related first discussions and ultimately decisions, that impact the entire supply chain,” he said. “We want every single voice in the supply chain—not just ours—but the manufacturers and the providers to all be at the table with the public sector and with policy leaders at the federal, state and local level, so that as they are considering making policy changes, they understand both what the intended, and potentially unintended, collateral consequences will be.”

The TV ad, which directs viewers to learn more at its website, is running on cable and digital in Washington, D.C., and other select states throughout the country. HDA is also stepping up its digital profile on LinkedIn and Twitter, Davis said, and he as well as many other leaders in the industry are using their personal profiles to promote the work.