How we are responding to COVID-19.

Inside Our COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Operation


Since the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines began shipping across the country in December, the U.S. government has made steady progress in its effort to make more doses available to the American public. As manufacturing increases for current vaccines and new ones enter the market – including the COVID-19 vaccine from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one […] Read More

Simple Access to COVID Vaccines Creates Unprecedented Logistical Complexity

The fact that we’re on the brink of having three authorized COVID-19 vaccines developed and deployed in under a year is a miracle. It is an unprecedented achievement in our history and stands as a testament to the human spirit and societal imperatives that demand dedicated resources and expertise to address our most difficult and devastating collective challenges. The development of these remarkable medicines hopefully places light at the end of a dark and difficult tunnel. It’s now the moral im... Read More

Supply Chain Resilience and Distribution Success

Fierce Pharma

AmerisourceBergen was able to successfully respond to the unprecedented challenges of the past year because of years of investment in distribution and inventory management, according to executives at the company. As the company has built efficiencies and scale, it has also built confidence in a flexible, reliable network, said Jan Burkett, senior vice president of global specialty branded and consumer products at AmerisourceBergen. Read More

A Look Into Our COVID-19 Vaccine Ancillary Supply Kit Operation


As an industry leader in vaccine distribution, McKesson is prepared to support the U.S. government through Operation Warp Speed to deliver Americans safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines as fast as possible. Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) designated our company as its centralized distribution partner for the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program. And […] Read More

Fierce Pharma Sits Down With AmerisourceBergen, HDA

Fierce Pharma

In partnership with AmerisourceBergen, Fierce Pharma Publisher Rebecca Willumson talks with Bob Mauch, EVP and Group President of AmerisourceBergen, and Chip Davis, President and CEO of Healthcare Distribution Alliance, about the impact of the pandemic on the pharmaceutical supply chain, the value of pharma distributors and how the role of distributors is evolving in a dynamic marketplace. Read More

Pharmacy Outlook: Chip Davis, HDA

Chain Drug Review

Our nation is at a defining moment, as we transition to a new administration and Congress and continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. From a health care delivery perspective, the logistics expertise of our industry has never been more relied upon, and scrutinized, than it is today. Read More

McKesson Fills Initial Government Orders for Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine


As part of Operation Warp Speed, the U.S. government’s public-private partnership to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to Americans, and under the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), McKesson began distributing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines and the ancillary supply kits needed to administer them. Read More