Healthcare Distributors: Introducing a Hero of the Supply Chain

Healthcare Distributors: Introducing a Hero of the Supply Chain

HDA is proud to partner with and support Healthcare Ready’s Heroes of the Supply Chain campaign, which highlights the unsung heroes who keep critical healthcare supply chains intact all year long.

The pharmaceutical supply chain is a highly complex, and often not well understood, component of the U.S. healthcare system. A central part of this supply chain are pharmaceutical distributors, the logistics experts who ensure medicines and healthcare products arrive when and where they are needed. To raise awareness about the tremendous impact distributors and our supply chain partners have in delivering the right medicines to the right patients at the right time, Healthcare Ready has launched its Heroes of the Supply Chain campaign. These Hero stories provide a snapshot of the breadth of work supply chain companies, like distributors, undertake each and every day to put patients first.

Patients are the guiding motivation for the work of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance and our pharmaceutical distributor members. Whether in rain, snow, or shine, there is always behind-the-scenes work being done by distributors and our partners to move medicines and products to the providers, and ultimately, the patients who need them.

In the U.S. alone, nearly 70 percent of Americans regularly take a prescription drug for a medical condition. As the vital link between manufacturers and providers within the healthcare supply chain, distributors work each day to move a consistent flow of medicines and supplies to thousands of hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, long-term care centers, and other healthcare facilities that are operating across the country. Distributors work continuously to safely store, process, and deliver supplies, because a patient’s health cannot wait for good weather for their lifesaving medication to arrive.

We work with our partners to keep medical treatments and products moving in the face of both anticipated and unexpected interruptions. In the face of disasters, distributors often have to take additional action to make safe deliveries. We go above and beyond to guarantee our truck drivers acquire emergency credentials to cross roadblocks and make their deliveries. Our members often work with their supply chain partners, as well as local government, and law enforcement to find new routes to reach their final destination, sometimes even turning to air support to get patients the medicines they need.

HDA is proud to partner with and support Healthcare Ready’s Heroes of the Supply Chain campaign. To learn more about pharmaceutical distributors, click here.

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