The Backbone of the U.S. Healthcare Ecosystem

Healthcare distributors deliver more than 10 million medicines, vaccines and healthcare products safely, efficiently and reliably every day.

Distributors are technology innovators, information management experts, security specialists and efficiency professionals.

$33–$53 Billion

By streamlining the supply chain, distributors save the healthcare system between $33–$53 billion each year.

180,000 sites of care

Distributors connect thousands of manufacturers with more than 180,000 healthcare providers, pharmacies and other sites of care.

By connecting thousands of manufacturers with more than 180,000 healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other sites of care, distributors streamline the supply chain and save the healthcare system between $33–$53 billion each year.

Delivering Medicines — From Common to Complex

HDA members fulfill an estimated 93 percent of all U.S. pharmaceutical sales. These range from common over-the-counter medications to complex cold chain products that require constant temperature monitoring.

Regardless of the product, distributors provide the logistics expertise, inventory range and technology required to keep pharmacy and hospital shelves stocked with the medicines that patients need.

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Turning Vaccines into Vaccinations

Distributors are supporting the largest-ever vaccine rollout in response to COVID-19, leveraging their expertise and networks to reach Americans in large cities and small towns. The industry has experience in managing the logistics of a wide range of vaccines, including:

  • Annual flu vaccine;
  • Products associated with the Vaccines for Children program;
  • Those requiring cold chain and special handling; and,
  • New-to-market vaccines during public health emergencies like H1N1 and Ebola.
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Enabling Pharmacists and Providers to Focus on Patients

Distributors provide a number of services that allow pharmacies and healthcare providers to focus on the health of their patients:

  • Inventory management;
  • Business and technology solutions;
  • Financial services; and,
  • Independent pharmacy support programs.
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Ensuring Providers Have Needed Medical Supplies

Distributors manage extensive relationships with global and domestic manufacturers to provide medical supplies, surgical supplies and other healthcare products. These include:

  • Personal protective equipment like gloves, gowns and masks;
  • Custom procedure trays, packs and kits;
  • Surgical instruments and products; and,
  • Patient and exam room products.
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